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NFTs are basically digital art collectibles, and are now being seen in video games. An ingame NFT could be an outfit your character wears across multiple games, a weapon you’ve upgraded and used in multiple games, property you own in a game, an award you win in a game, or perhaps something you create in-game. The possibilities are endless, and the underlying concept is that a NTF (Non-Fungible Token) is a cryptographic token that represents a unique item (compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum tokens (coins) which are fungible, or interchangeable and not unique)

We highly recommend web browser for the majority of NFT websites and interactions. It has a built-in Crypto Wallet feature that works well, and it is a wonderful browser that helps privacy and cryptocurrency. This wallet does not work with Solana yet. If you’re trying to play a game that uses Solana blockchain or Solana SPL tokens, you’ll want to use a wallet such as Phantom (instead of metamask or brave wallet, although we still recommend using Brave browser with the Phantom browser extension) Alternatively, you can use Firefox or Chrome and the Metamask extension/add-on, but why not support another crypto project fighting for user rights and privacy? That’s why we recommend Brave, among other reasons (Disclaimer: we do own BAT token used in Brave Rewards)

If you’re just getting started, and want to learn more about the how and why of blockchain and cryptocurrency and gaming, then check out What is Blockchain and Why Use it for Gaming?


Latest NFTs Projects

DeFi Warrior

P2E, Crypto price-based character strengthening, Build coin-mining factories in-game, NFT Staking, $FIWA Token Official Website:

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Titan Hunters

F2P, Diablo gameplay with Minecraft-like environment, P2E, NFT Trading/Staking, $TITA Token Official Website: Twitter:

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