Metaverse NFT Projects on Solana – A Comparison Between the Best Metaverse

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Metaverse NFTs and projects in general are one of the latest trending metas on Solana right now, and rightfully so. With a ecofriendly blockchain and the ultra-affordable transaction costs, it’s the perfect platform to launch a metaverse platform and NFTs. Let’s take a deep dive into these projects, see the differences and goals, and explore the metaverse opportunities together!

1. Moonshine labs is one of the latest metaverse projects, but it seems the team has been working on it for a long time now, over 6 months, with some amazing progress. Not only do they have more playable demos with different variations of use (driving, walking, minting NFTS in-metaverse) but they also seem to have a few unique features that we haven’t seen on other Solana metaverse projects.

2. Portals is the big money, big funding player in the room, with a huge round of venture capital. So far we have seen an apartment type playable demo and a few peeks about a downtown area, curious to see where this one ends up.

3. Botborgs is more of a gaming project, but seems to have some interesting upcoming metaverse-type features like building.

4. LUX is still somewhat of a mystery, but has some decent funding due to multiple NFT drops.

5. The Suites is the team that works with Photofinish the horse-racing game. It seems to be a private room/suite like you find at races or stadiums. Not sure of their end game but the graphics and avatars look great so far.

6. Vishv is one that seems to be space-based and interesting. Looking forward to learning more about this team.

7. Star Atlas is a hugely funded project, like Portals, but more of a space/star wars type game. They have been working on it for awhile now, with two tokens for their economy and some expensive NFTs. Lots of potential here.

8. Desolates is another planet/space based metaverse project on Solana, with already a playable gallery-type metaverse scenario.

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