Aurory Open Alpha Game Launches & $5000 Video Contest!

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The long awaited Aurory game on Solana blockchain has released a limited alpha release of their game on Dec 15, 2022. You can play in-browser, with no download or wallet to play. We tried it out and it’s a fun and beautiful start to what could be an amazing game. It’s very limited at the time being but you can definitely get a feel for the turn-based cute strategy game.

aurory alpha gameplay

AURORY is a Play-and-Earn game where players are invited to explore a rich and diverse universe. They will travel across the worlds of Antik and Tokané as they complete quests, discover lost relics, defeat enemies, and compete against other players using creatures called “Nefties”. These magical creatures can be hatched, evolved, traded, used to battle, and have been designed as non- fungible tokens (NFTs). They will accompany players as they embark on their adventure through a variety of immersive game modes in this compelling JRPG.

Play the open alpha here:

The Aurory team has also launched a $5000 video contest you can learn about on their substack here:

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