Using Discord to Get Help with Crypto Gaming

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Let’s face it… blockchain gaming can be complicated. Many of the games are in Beta or even worse Alpha or pre-release cycle, which means little to no support when things go wrong. These small blockchain gaming companies generally don’t have the extra money for a support team, so they have been opting to use Discord or Telegram.

What is Discord?

Discord is basically a chat/messaging/community program. It calls chat channels “servers”, where people may share media files, text, or voice chat under one company or topic. It’s great as it allows for the servers to each have a different topic, such as in Upland’s Discord, they have many text channels on their Discord server for different topics, including: Announcements, Rules, General, New-Players, Economics, Feedback, Support FAQs, Technical Bugs and more! These allow the crypto gaming companies to easily organize player feedback and support into appropriate channels, as well as perhaps have other players support the community by chiming in on the chat channels.

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