Star Atlas

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Star Atlas is being billed as the “Next-gen gaming metaverse” and they have the funds and team to pull off something incredible, so understandably we have seen a lot of hype around this Solana-based crypto game. Create, play, learn with others globally.

About Star Atlas:

Star Atlas is an upcoming metaverse blockchain economy space game using two different SPL (Solana) tokens, one for in-game currency, and one for governance of the metaverse regions.

ATLAS: In-Game Transactional Currency

ATLAS will serve as the native in-game currency within Star Atlas. It is the lubricant of the metaverse. Players will initially utilize ATLAS to acquire digital assets such as ships, crew, components, land, and equipment at discount in the NFT Sale. However, as in any real economy, a financial system is necessary to facilitate commerce. Whether it be through NPC merchants, or direct peer-to-peer transactions, ATLAS is the unit of account to facilitate trade and execute operational requirements.

Twenty percent of the game currency will be available through various stages of the Galactic Asset Offering (GAO), leading up to the full launch of the title. Upon completion of the GAO, the remaining 80% of ATLAS can only be earned through in-game activity or sales by other players (white paper).

“It’s fantastic to have the support of our backers as we build the origins of Metaverse Gaming on the Solana blockchain. We want our users to experience a meta reality — whether its strategy games, meetings in outer space, virtual concerts or digital amusement parks. The capital, knowledge and relationships our investors bring to Star Atlas enables us to build.” Pablo Quiroga— Star Atlas, Co-Founder & COO

POLIS: Governance Token

Within the Star Atlas metaverse, political influence is yet another strategic consideration in the management of the territory and the navigation of space. Controlling this political influence introduces a number of advantages for player status, which is represented by the POLIS token. Holders of POLIS will be in a unique position of jurisdictional ownership over entire regions, regardless of who owns title (NFT) to the land and equipment rights. Externally, control of POLIS will enable the gaming community to influence the decision-making of the Star Atlas development team. Following the GAO, the exclusive ability to generate POLIS relies on the staking of ATLAS currency.

“Star Atlas has a lot of potential with its remix of sci-fi-strategy, combat and deep space exploration. The massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) powered by the Solana Blockchain, injected with smart NFT elements to collect, trade and incentivize gamers, is not only exciting for crypto-fans but also ‘no-coiners’ will find joy in this cool universe.” Danny J. Christ — MoonWhale Ventures, Managing Partner


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