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As a minter of the Shadowy Super Coder DAO NFT project, I’ve done quite a bit of research surrounding their company, the NFT project, and upcoming $SHDW powered decentralized storage. If that sounds like lofty ambitions for an NFT project, I would agree, but they seem to have just the team to pull off something epic like SPL-based storage (SPL is the Solana token standard) Basically a more affordable and faster Filecoin or Arweave type system. Powered and influenced by an army of NFT holders.

The Team behind the Decentralized Dream:

Cofounders Steven and Frank are well known as reputable figures in the Solana ecosystem, and they recently announced the hiring of Levi Cook, one of the main developers behind candy machine and advisor to Metaplex (NFT infrastucture for Solana) The combined talents and connections of these individuals, as well as team members and partners behind the scenes, will likely bring something amazing and scalable to the table. They are one of the most publicly available teams I have seen in the NFT space, with town halls in their discord and chats with influencers in the Twitter Spaces or youtube. You can join their discord here.

The Lofty Solana OnChain Ambitions & Current Services of Genesys Go:

If you have launched an NFT mint project via the “candy machine contract” then you likely used Genesys Go or similar RPC provider services. Same if you use most Solana DeFi projects, you are using Genesys Go RPC in the backend services behind the app/dapp. Their customers include Star Atlas, Raydium, Jet Protocol, DeFi Land, DigitalEyes, Fabric, exchgArt,, MangoMarkets, Sonar, and many more. To quickly explain RPC, a Remote Procedural Call (RPC) server communicates with RPC clients to provide communication and connection server services. It will provide the application services upon request from the RPC client. Solana blockchain has their own public RPC endpoints – but these are rate limited to reduce spam and other issues. Genesys Go and other RPC providers do not rate limit. In addition to the RPC services, Genesys Go also provides Validator services for the Solana network.

The Genesys Go Shadowy Super Coders DAO NFT holders now not only have an NFT that is valued consistently over 50 SOL (over $9000 each), up from a mint price of 2.5 SOL, but will also be airdropped $SHDW tokens in early 2022. From their Comprehensive guide:

“This allocation is a hard and fast allocation. These tokens are paid out to NFT holders on a daily vesting schedule over the course of one year. We have built a NFT staking contract which ensures the trustless payment of emissions. Emissions are not paid unless the holder of the SSC NFT has staked the contract. Meaning, the full daily emission rate of the “NFT Holders” allocation cannot be reached unless all 10,000 Shadowy Super Coder NFTs are staked. $SHDW tokens placed into the NFT Staking Smart Contract are associated to the token address of each individual NFT and only 10,000 $SHDW tokens are paid to the wallet associated with that NFTs token address.

Bonus Emissions for Long Term Holders — NFT holders who stake their Shadowy Super Coder NFT for 12 consecutive months, will receive an additional payment of bonus tokens. It is our intention to reward long term holders of the SSC NFT as they are, much like the developer community who supported our success pre-NFT mint, a key reason why our community has grown as large and as strong as it has. PLEASE NOTE the word CONSECUTIVE… if the SSC NFT is removed from the staking contract then the “timer” resets. This bonus is only paid out once and, again, requires the continuous staking of the NFT for consecutive months in a row.”

The whole point of the $SHDW SPL token is form of payment for the decentralized Shadow storage network they are building. With an already diverse ownership among 10k NFT holders, the token should be diverse in holding and held onto for a lengthy time with the way they setup incentives around staking and distribution. They are forming a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) to help guide the NFT project, and we’re super excited to see where this unique project goes next, so stay tuned for updates here!

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