Pixel Invaderz Metaverse

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What are PixelInvaderz? The Pixel Invaderz are unique alien civilizations conquering the galaxy. Pixel Invaderz come in 10 generations with 1000 unique pieces each, resulting in a total supply of 10000 artworks. Our NFTs are minted on the Solana blockchain to take advantage of the superior transaction speeds and very low costs. PixelInvaderz Ecosystem
It is our vision to create an ecosystem featuring our NFTs, a tradeable crypto token and ultimately a turn-based strategy game, where all elements come together. This upcoming “Play-to-Earn”-type game will allow you to earn passive tokens – and owning our NFTs will give you a clear advantage. Additionally, early adopters of Pixel Invaderz will be rewarded with Airdrops. Ready to conquer the galaxy?
To get your own Pixel Invader you can buy one on solsea.io, an open NFT marketplace running on the Solana blockchain. Join our discord community now for announcements, tutorials, asking questions and interacting with other invaderz!

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