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Our project is focused on the beauty of art and the possibilities offered by blockchain and Solana to discover, share, value, and exchange it. We have a long-term goal of building a community of both artists and collectors that can experiment with emotional art.
On this page, you can find some pieces of our previous collections and our recently launched: Psychoanalysis.
Psychoanalysis (new collection): 1100 pieces called “Psyches” and numbered from 1 to 1100. This collection has been generated using generative adversarial networks, mixing different styles and genres to create unique and unrepeatable artworks. We’ve been carefully selecting art pieces that follow some styles that interlink very well together: synthetic and analytic cubism predominantly and then other complementary styles with less influence on the outcome. We would like each piece to be used as a personal Rorschach test, where each owner is able to look at it and initiate an introspective process that brings him closer to discovering something meaningful.

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