How to Get Maximum UPX Playing Upland (Play Upland Like a Pro)

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Upland is a fun but tough game that requires a significant investment of time to both understand and excel in. UPX are the key to winning the game. Earning UPX is essentially earning the money of the Upland game (they are having U.S. dollar in/out but UPX is the main token currently for the economy) Earn UPX, buy more properties, which earn you more UPX, get Collections in different cities – which add boosts to how much you UPX you earn, and sell your property at a profit to increase UPX.

If you want to move on up from being a Visitor or basic Uplander in Fresno to a virtual real estate Pro, Director, or Executive level player, you’ll have to start with the tools. Luckily we have them here for you to check out:

Upland explorer website UPX World:

This website is a gem. A wonderful resource that uses the open nature of the EOS blockchain to create a few tools to help you get an edge on competitors and insight into property. It has a user search directory, where you can plug in a username and see properties they own, past real estate transactions, monthly income, and more.

Upland Reddit and Discord:

Reddit has a ton of good gems from other players. Don’t miss out on it. Over 500 players subscribed to the subreddit you’ll find the most helpful articles and resources.

Discord is run by the Upland team but has many different channels for discussion with other players for trading properties, selling properties, earning UPX and more. I’ve found help with questions there when I had gotten stuck as a beginner Visitor (the beginning level of Uplander)

Best In-Game Tips from the team of Uplanders here at Crypto Gaming Experts:

  • Flip properties for profit consistently just like house flipping in the real world, but without the real world waiting
  • Enter Upland giveaways, contests, and keep in tune to the companies, sometimes they give away 10’s of thousands of UPX for FREE


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