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One man team (@vindogs) making 1/1 NFT art in selective drops of 10 (1001 in total). Where this project goes, will be guided by the community and supporters in a collaborative fashion. I draw my inspiration from sci-fi videogames and movies I love like Metal Gear Solid, Half-Life, The Matrix, and Ex-Machina just to name some and try to emulate those cool and clean tech inspired looks. All digitize.ai art is handmade using custom made brushes through Procreate and drawing with them in After Effects. Project Roadmap: I’m not a dev, not a coder, and I am my only team member. So, my three main goals are; to make art that constantly excites me, and advances in both skill and style as they go in drops of 10, to use proceeds of every drop to support small Solana artists, (through purchasing unsold pieces of theirs/helping them get their shop sites started, etc.,) and to convert ETH sellers to SOL <3

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