Crypto Titans Releases V2 of Mini-Game!

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The newly released Mini-Game is free and does not require wallet connect or anything! Give it a try if you dig their style and this type of fun battle game! Play here:

CryptoTitans is an upcoming P2O battle game revolutionizing the NFT gaming ecosystem by focusing on lowering the barriers to entry. Our mission is to allow access and education, for all, into the benefits of Web3 technologies in gaming and beyond. This initiative is ABInBev`s first venture into the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

The main characters, our Titans of Chaos and Order, are collectable creatures that live in the distant world of Ereo. Through a unique DNA system stemming from our 8 Primordial Titans, holders can MINT, COLLECT, and BATTLE new CryptoTitans. Multiple game modes allow users to gain rewards, and prizes through completing missions, and strategically fighting with other Titans. The game is centered around an extensive lore elaborating on the creation of the world, the explanation of the Titan’s constant battles, and the attrition of Chaos and Order within their ecosystem. ABInBev is planning to incorporate their umbrella of brands, and others through multiple sponsored eSports tournaments each year, giving access to prizes, physical product integrations, in-person events, and assisting in spearheading the CryptoTitans brand and partners globally.

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